Chatham Anglers Name Tom Holliday Manager

By: CCBL Public Relations Office
08/10/2017 12:21 PM -


CHATHAM, MA, AUGUST 10, 2017 – The Chatham Anglers today announced that Tom Holliday, former head baseball coach at Oklahoma State University, has accepted their offer to become the team’s new manager, replacing John Schiffner, who departs after 25 years at the helm, leaving a legacy that includes winning more games than any manager in Cape Cod Baseball League history.

“When John told us in mid-season that this would be his last, we knew a replacement would have to be someone special to follow such a long and distinguished career,” said Steve West, president of the Chatham Athletic Association, parent organization of the Anglers. “We know we’ve found just such a person in Tom Holliday.  His, and his family’s, baseball pedigree are superb and we are excited Tom will lead the Anglers into the next chapter of our storied existence.”

“I’m very excited about coming to Chatham,” said Holliday. “I’ve coached at virtually every level in the college game and coming to the Anglers in the Cape Cod Baseball League provides a nice cap on a wonderful career.

“Baseball on the Cape is baseball at a very pure level. I love the idea of working with these talented youngsters; helping them hone their skills and talents, and being able to send them back to their schools even better prepared for their next challenges.

“I have nothing but the highest level of respect for Coach Schiffner and his efforts in preparing his players and for his loyalty to one organization for 25 years, a rarity in this changing baseball world.

“And the high-energy level and positive spin both Steve and Mike (Geylin, Anglers general manager) used in describing this opportunity was a pleasure to experience,” added Holliday.

Holliday, who was raised in the Pittsburgh area, comes to Chatham following a college-coaching career which included stints at Auburn, North Carolina State, Texas, Oklahoma State, Miami (FL) and Arizona State.  At these schools, he had various roles including hitting coach, pitching coach, recruiting coordinator, assistant head coach and, at Oklahoma State, head coach.

Amongst the over 45 Major League players who he coached are Houston Street, J.P. Howell, Carlos Rodon and his son Matt, the designated hitter for the New York Yankees.

“Since leaving active coaching in 2015, Tom has served as an analyst for Fox College Sports and spent time watching his son Josh’s Oklahoma State team, thus seeing more college players annually than many Cape League managers,” said Geylin. “In addition, his coaching in some of the nation’s most competitive college conferences over a significant period has resulted in tremendous coaching contacts, which will be crucial in his recruiting efforts.”

Holliday and his wife Kathy live in Stillwater, OK and Jupiter, FL.

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