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Cape Cod Baseball League seeks new president

The Nominating Committee of the Cape Cod Baseball League is tasked with presenting a slate of officers for election every fall, but this year's election is unlike any other. Longtime Cape League President Judy Walden Scarafile has decided to retire as president, and the Nominating Committee asks for your help. Although one internal candidate has announced his candidacy, the Nominating Committee must seek any and all nominees.
Responsibilities of the CCBL President, according to CCBL bylaws, include:
"The President shall be the chief administrative officer of the league and shall conduct the day-to-day business of the League as well as preside at all meetings. The president shall make all contractual arrangements for the League, with or without monetary consideration, with the approval of the Executive Committee. The president shall appoint all committees not provided for in these bylaws, shall administer and enforce these bylaws except where provided otherwise in the bylaws, and perform such other duties as shall naturally fall upon the president. The president may impose fines (see Article IV, Section 7) on individual franchises for violations of league bylaws and any directives related to the operation and administration of the league approved by the executive committee, including such directives as stated in the CCBL Handbook of Policies and Procedures."
The position is voluntary and comes with an annual $3,000 stipend. If you or someone you know has an interest in becoming the next president of the Cape Cod Baseball League, please contact CCBL Nominating Committee Chairman Paul Logan at [email protected]