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Brewster takes Bourne to school

07/01/2008 10:25 AM

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July 2008

Brewster takes Bourne to school 
on Stony Brook Elementary Night.

BREWSTER, Mass. – Second graders from Stony Brook Elementary School took to the field on Thursday night to sing the Star-Spangled Banner before the Whitecaps hosted the Braves behind the Stony Brook school building. This is the third year of the partnership between the Whitecaps and the school. “I think we work very well together,” said Brewster GM Ned Monthie.

     Principal, Denise Fronius, led 82 second graders onto the field where they sang a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem. She thanked the Whitecaps for all of their involvement in the school community.

     “The excitement for him is really something,” said Stacey Vendetti (head of the Stony Brook parent group) of her son Craig, who was among the second graders who sang. “He wanted to be out there as soon as possible. The players are like celebrities to the kids and in this case, they’re right in our backyard.”

     The kids certainly enjoy the set-up as well. “Other kids are jealous of us,” said Christian Vendetti on the subject of going to school right next to the home of the Brewster Whitecaps.

     This was far from the team’s first involvement in the lives of the school children. Stony Brook recently had outdoor recess with the Whitecaps. The team was also involved in last year’s Brewster Read-a-thon. One of the prizes offered to the children in the read-a-thon was the chance to throw out a first pitch at a Whitecaps home game.

     On the field, the Whitecaps appeared to be in trouble early. As the Braves scored two runs on only one hit in the top of the first, the children from Stony Brook took to the playground. But Brewster was resilient.

     As the kids started to come back, so did the Whitecaps. In a massive fourth inning, Brewster pulled away for good. Connor Powers (Mississippi State) tied the game with a single and James Meador (San Diego) broke the game open with a two-run triple.

     With Rory McKean (Mississippi) shutting the door on Bourne, it was the Whitecaps who did the teaching on a special night for the kids of the Stony Brook school.


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