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Six From Cotuit Head to Fenway

07/22/2009 10:27 AM

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22 July 2009

Six From Cotuit Head to Fenway 
By Ashley Crosby, CCBL Intern

COTUIT, Mass.—Cotuit is sending five players to the Under Armor All-Star game at Fenway this Thursday, with a sixth entered into the home run hitting contest.

     Catchers Cody Stanley (UNC Wilmington) and Cameron Rupp (Texas) will be at Fenway, along with teammates Zach Cox (Arkansas), Zach Cone (Georgia), and pitcher Daniel Tillman (Florida Southern). Veteran Kettleer and one-time All-Star Kevin Patterson (Auburn) will also be joining them as a competitor in the home run hitting contest. 

     “I think they’re all deserving, very much,” said Cotuit assistant coach Scott Gurss. “They are definitely guys that come out and play every day and give it their all and have proven that they need to be an All-Star, and they are.”

     “I think Rupp does an unbelievable job behind the plate,” Gurss continued. “So does Stanley, I can’t believe we’ve got two of the top catchers in the league defensively and offensively. Tillman is lights out, the guy that comes in the 9th inning and you know he’s going to close it out for us. Cone does a great job in the outfield and a great job at the plate and Cox, I think as long as he stays in the lineup and stays healthy, I think he’s got a chance to be MVP of the league.”

     At the time they were selected, Cox was batting .388 with 7 RBIs, Cone had 9 RBIs and was hitting around .267, Stanley was hitting at .276 with 5 RBIs, and Rupp batted around .304. Tillman had 16 strikeouts and a 0.00 ERA. 

     The Cotuit All-Stars feel their entire team could have made it, particularly from the pitching staff that has held Cotuit high in their division standings despite some defensive struggles. But all five Cotuit selections were grateful for the chance to represent their team. 

     “I’m excited,” said Cone. “I feel like it could have been a toss up, it could have been between all of us. All of our seasons have gone well.”

     “It’s exciting to be able to come up here and show off our skills,” said Rupp. “[They’re all] skills that all of us have, and then to be selected to play at the All-Star game at one of the most elite amateur baseball leagues in the country, that’s pretty special.”

     And for right-hander Tillman, the All-Star Game will be his first visit to Fenway. “I called my parents and I keep saying I can’t believe my first trip to Fenway and I actually get to play in it,” he said. 

     The players will be facing the best of the best in the game this Thursday, but that doesn’t phase Tillman, who will be a reserve pitcher for the West. “I’m just going to approach it just like I do every game, just go right at them and do my best and hope that I get them out.”

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