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Commissioner's Corner: End of Regular Season 2022

08/01/2022 8:15 AM

Article By: Eric Zmuda

We wanted to send a quick ‘hello’ Commissioner’s Corner as we end our 2022 Regular Season. This summer has been a unique one. From finally being able to go back and enjoy ‘regular, normal’ baseball after 3 years is beyond incredible. For 2022, we reverted to our usual 44 game schedule, and it has been a doozy! As we approach our final two games of the regular season on Monday 8/1, there are still LOTS of things that need to be settled! From the President’s Trophy for most regular-season points, to our West AND East Division champs still needing to be decided, we have TONS of baseball to be invested in. Also, as our playoffs near, we’ll be back to our full 8 teams making the playoffs, which (aside from the truncated 2021 season) is our ‘usual’ format dating back to 2010 and it will be packed with excitement.

It’s fantastic that we can do this and we wouldn’t have been comfortable doing so without the upbeat and encouraging information from our Medical Staff who have kept an eye on the health numbers in our community, and continued our Medical Protocols and Procedures to keep us all safe and focused on the game of baseball. Thanks to all!!

Also, thank you to our players for giving us unbelievable play throughout the summer and for letting us be able to witness something amazing on a daily basis. Another thank you to our General Managers and Field Managers that have worked tirelessly to keep our players focused on the game – without you all we would not be able to sit in our chairs, in the bleachers, and on the hill of our ten Cape League fields to relish and appreciate the myriad plays by our top-notch collegiate athletes.

We appreciate all of our fans’ devotion to the Cape League during the entire season. Without your support, we would not be able to put on this great game. As always, the biggest ‘thanks’ goes to you.

All the Best,
Eric Zmuda, Commissioner
Cape Cod Baseball League