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Wareham's Wade Wins West MVP Honors at Fenway Park

08/02/2011 7:41 AM

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Wareham's Wade Wins West MVP Honors at Fenway Park

By: Elizabeth Cohen - CCBL Intern
08/02/2011 7:41 AM -

BOSTON, Mass.--Win or lose, there is still a player who stands out for each side of the field at the annual Cape Cod Baseball League All-Star game. For the losing West division, the Most Valuable Player was awarded to Wareham’s sophomore right-hand pitcher Konner Wade (Arizona, 1-1, 1.53 ERA).

     “I thought he pitched well, 93-94. Ball came out of his hand nice and easy,” said West Field Manager Harvey Shapiro (Bourne).

     The 35th round pick for the Arizona Diamondbacks showed why he belonged at Fenway. He pitched a scoreless eighth with 11 of the 17 pitches being strikes, striking out one and walking one.

     After walking the first batter Wade faced, he said he was pretty upset with himself. He had to just keep reminding himself to throw strikes. “When I was talking with my parents after the game and they announced that I won over the intercom, I was just in shock,” said Wade.

     Being his first season playing in the CCBL, it was a huge honor for Wade to be picked for the All-Star Game. This great experience, he said, was all made for him from his performance from this season in Wareham. He has pitched in 15 games, 18.2 innings, had 9 saves, 20 strikeouts, 6 walks and 11 hits.

     “The talent level up here is unbelievable,” said Wade. He wondered how he has even done so well against other hitters.

     The 6-3, 177 pound pitcher loved having a radar gun at the game. “It was nice having a radar gun and seeing how hard these guys are throwing. I wasn’t focused on it while I was pitching but definitely bugged the guys once I was done to see how fast I was,” said Wade.

     “Kind of surprise I got the MVP but hey I’m not going to push it away,” said Wade.

     What’s next on the agenda for the talented pitcher? “We just clinched the playoffs. I’m excited to see how that goes,” said Wade.