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65% of College Players Drafted This Year Played in CCBL

Graphic by Katie Holee
07/10/2020 5:21 AM

Article By: Riley Demanche

The 2020 MLB Draft occurred just over a month ago, and although the format was more unique than ever before, one thing remained constant: the Cape Cod Baseball League dominates. Due to the Coronavirus, this year’s draft was only 5 rounds (160 picks) for the top prospects compared to 40 rounds (over 1,200 picks) in previous years. Out of all 160 picks, 72, or 45% had spent their summers playing in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

Anyone familiar with the MLB Draft process or the Cape Cod Baseball League knows that the Cape showcases some of the most talented college players around the country, with over 1,400 alumni playing in the majors all time. Year in and year out, the Draft is one of the biggest events for the league as former players get their name called to begin their professional career, and with no actual season taking place this summer, the two days of drafting in early June are some of the most important for the league to continue to build on its elite reputation.

While the league was responsible for 45% of all draft picks (including high school prospects) for 2020, this number increases dramatically if we focus specifically on the percentage of college players selected. The former CCBL players accounted for 72 of the 112 college players selected, nearly 65%. This was evident as ESPN commentators Karl Ravech and Kiley McDaniel could not go on for a couple of picks without mentioning the premier summer baseball league. Watch McDaniel say “If they get drafted out of college, and they weren’t on Team USA, he was probably on the Cape” in a post draft recap here:

With a very minimal amount of college games played this season before schools were forced to shut down, scouts and teams evaluated players on their summer ball seasons of 2019, which for many were on Cape Cod. In talking to League President, Chuck Sturtevant, he emphasized that the unique structure for this year’s draft and the lack of a typical college season led to organizations leaning towards players that performed in the Cape League since they have top talent year in and year out. Sturtevant also says that it is likely to find professional scouts on any given night at some or all of the 10 ballparks during the summer season, which comes to fruition on Draft night.

You can see the round by round breakdown for percentages of college players drafted that played in the CCBL here:

Draft Summary:
72 of 160 Total picks played in CCBL (45%)
72 of 112 College Players drafted in 2020 played in CCBL (65%)  
First Round Notes:
9 of 29 1st Round Picks from CCBL (31%)
9 of 18 College Players Drafted in the 1st Round played in CCBL (50%)

Day 1 Notes (Picks 1-37):
13 of 37 Day 1 picks played in CCBL (35%)
13 of 24 College Players drafted on Day 1 played in CCBL (54%)

Round 2 Notes:
7 of 23 2nd Round Picks played in CCBL (30%)
7 of 16 College Players drafted in the 2nd Round played in CCBL (44%)
Competitive Balance/Compensation Pick Notes:
5 of 12 Competitive and Compensation picks played in CCBL (42%)
5 of 6 College Players drafted from these picks played in CCBL (83%)
12 of 35 total 2nd Round picks played in CCBL (34%)
12 of 22 College Players drafted from these picks played in CCBL (55%)

Round 3 Notes:
16 of 29 3rd Round Picks played in CCBL (55%)
16 of 21 College Players drafted in the 3rd Round played in CCBL (76%)

Round 4 Notes:
17 of 30 4th Round Picks played in CCBL (57%)
17 of 22 College Players drafted in the 4th Round played in CCBL (77%).

Round 5 Notes:
14 of 29 5th Round Picks played in CCBL (48%)
14 of 23 College Players drafted in the 5th Round played in CCBL (61%)

Day 2 Notes:
59 of 123 players drafted in Rounds 2-5 played in CCBL (48%)
59 of 88 College Players drafted in Rounds 2-5 played in CCBL (67%)

Also check out a full list of all 72 Cape League players selected in the 2020 MLB Draft below, along with a Draft summary for each day:

Day 1 Article:
Day 2 Article:

2020 Cape Cod Baseball League Official List of Draftees

Pick Number-Professional Team, Name, Position, College, CCBL Team and Year

Round 1 (Picks 1-29):

1-Detroit Tigers, Spencer Torkelson, 1B/3B, Arizona State, 2018/2019 Chatham Anglers
7-Pittsburgh Pirates, Nick Gonzales, SS, New Mexico State, 2018/2019 Cotuit Kettleers
10-Los Angeles Angels, Reid Detmers, LHP, Louisville, 2018 Brewster White Caps
13-San Francisco Giants, Patrick Bailey, C, North Carolina State, 2018 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
18-Arizona Diamondbacks, Bryce Jarvis, RHP, Duke, 2018 Cotuit Kettleers
22-Washington Nationals, Cade Cavalli, RHP, Oklahoma, 2018 Wareham Gatemen
25-Atlanta Braves, Jared Shuster, LHP, Wake Forest, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
28-New York Yankees, Austin Wells, C, Arizona, 2019 Y-D Red Sox
29-Los Angeles Dodgers, Bobby Miller, RHP, Louisville, 2018 Brewster Whitecaps

Competitive Balance Round A (Picks 30-37):

30-Baltimore Orioles, Jordan Westburg, SS, Mississippi State, 2019 Hyannis Harbor Hawks
31-Pittsburgh Pirates, Carmen Mlodzinski, RHP, South Carolina, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
32-Kansas City Royals, Nick Loftin, SS, Baylor, 2019 Hyannis Harbor Hawks
37-Tampa Bay Rays, Alika Williams, SS, Arizona State, 2018/2019 Bourne Braves

Round 2 (Picks 38-60):

43-Seattle Mariners, Zach DeLoach, CF, Texas A&M, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
49-San Francisco Giants, Casey Schmitt, 3B/RHP, San Diego State, 2019 Cotuit Kettleers
51-Chicago Cubs, Burl Carraway, LHP, Dallas Baptist, 2019 Chatham Anglers
56-Cleveland Indians, Logan Allen, LHP, Florida International, 2019 Harwich Mariners
57-Tampa Bay Rays, Ian Seymour, LHP, Virginia Tech, 2019 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
58-Oakland Athletics, Jeff Criswell, RHP, Michigan, 2018 Brewster Whitecaps
59-Minnesota Twins, Alerick Soularie, LF, Tennessee, 2019 Brewster Whitecaps

Competitive Balance Round B (Picks 61-66):
61-Miami Marlins, Kyle Nicolas, RHP, Ball State, 2019 Cotuit Kettleers
62-Detroit Tigers, Daniel Cabrera, OF, LSU, 2018 Bourne Braves/2019 Harwich Mariners

Compensation Picks (Picks 67-72):

67-San Francisco Giants, Nick Swiney, LHP, North Carolina State, 2019 Cotuit Kettleers
68-San Francisco Giants, Jimmy Glowenke, SS, Dallas Baptist, 2019 Bourne Braves
70-St. Louis Cardinals, Alec Burleson, RF/LHP, East Carolina, 2019 Bourne Braves

Round 3 (Picks 73-101):

73-Detroit Tigers, Trei Cruz, SS, Rice, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
74-Baltimore Orioles, Anthony Servideo, SS, Mississippi, 2019 Hyannis Harbor Hawks
75-Miami Marlins, Zach McCambley, RHP, Coastal Carolina, 2019 Cotuit Kettleers
76-Kansas City Royals, Tyler Gentry, OF, Alabama, 2019 Brewster Whitecaps
77-Toronto Blue Jays, Trent Palmer, RHP, Jacksonville, 2019 Wareham Gatemen
78-Seattle Mariners, Kaden Polcovich, 2B, Oklahoma State, 2019 Chatham Anglers
79-Pittsburgh Pirates, Nick Garcia, RHP, Chapman, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
80-San Diego Padres, Cole Wilcox, RHP, Georgia, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
81-Colorado Rockies, Sam Weatherly, LHP, Clemson, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
84-Cincinnati Reds, Bryce Bonnin, RHP, Texas Tech, 2018 Cotuit Kettleers
92-Milwaukee Brewers, Zavier Warren, C, Central Michigan, 2019 Bourne Braves
93-St. Louis Cardinals, Levi Prater, LHP, Oklahoma, 2019 Wareham Gatemen
94-Washington Nationals, Holden Powell, RHP, UCLA, 2019 Cotuit Kettleers
97-Atlanta Braves, Jesse Franklin V, CF, Michigan, 2018/2019 Brewster Whitecaps
99-New York Yankees, Trevor Hauver, 2B, Arizona State, 2018/2019 Hyannis Harbor Hawks
101-Houston Astros, Tyler Brown, RHP, Vanderbilt, 2018 Orleans Firebirds

Round 4 (Picks 102-131):

102-Detroit Tigers, Gage Workman, 3B, Arizona State, 2018/2019 Brewster Whitecaps
104-Miami Marlins, Jake Eder, LHP, Vanderbilt, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
106-Toronto Blue Jays, Nick Frasso, RHP, Loyola Marymount, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
107-Seattle Mariners, Tyler Keenan, 3B, Ole Miss, 2019 Harwich Mariners
112-Chicago White Sox, Kade Mechals, RHP, Grand Canyon, 2018 Orleans Firebirds
114-San Francisco Giants, R.J. Dabovich, RHP, Arizona State, 2019 Chatham Anglers
118-Boston Red Sox, Jeremy Wu-Yelland, LHP, Hawai’i, 2019 Chatham Anglers
120-New York Mets, Matthew Dyer, C, Arizona, 2018 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
121-Milwaukee Brewers, Joey Wiemer, RF, Cincinnati, 2019 Harwich Mariners
122-St. Louis Cardinals, Ian Bedell, RHP, Missouri, 2019 Wareham Gatemen
123-Washington Nationals, Brady Lindsly, C, Oklahoma, 2018 Hyannis Harbor Hawks
125-Tampa Bay Rays, Tanner Murray, SS, UC Davis, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
126-Atlanta Braves, Spencer Strider, RHP, Clemson, 2018 Falmouth Commodores
127-Oakland Athletics, Dane Acker, RHP, Oklahoma, 2019 Chatham Anglers
129-New York Yankees, Beck Way, RHP, Northwest Florida State JC, 2019 Cotuit Kettleers
130-Los Angeles Dodgers, Carson Taylor, C, Virginia Tech, 2019 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
131-Houston Astros, Zach Daniels, RF, Tennessee, 2019 Orleans Firebirds

Round 5 (Picks 132-160):

134-Miami Marlins, Kyle Hurt, RHP, USC, 2018 Chatham Anglers
136-Toronto Blue Jays, Zach Britton, LF, Louisville, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
137-Seattle Mariners, Taylor Dollard, RHP, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 2019 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
138-Pittsburgh Pirates, Logan Hofmann, RHP, Northwestern State, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
140-Colorado Rockies, Jack Blomgren, SS, Michigan, 2019 Wareham Gatemen
141-Los Angeles Angels, Adam Seminaris, LHP, Long Beach State, 2019 Orleans Firebirds
143-Cincinnati Reds, Joe Boyle, RHP, Notre Dame, 2019 Harwich Mariners
146-Philadelphia Phillies, Baron Radcliff, RF, Georgia Tech, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
148-Boston Red Sox, Shane Drohan, LHP, Florida State, 2019 Falmouth Commodores
149-Arizona Diamondbacks, Brandon Pfaadt, RHP, Bellarmine, 2019 Wareham Gatemen
151-Milwaukee Brewers, Hayden Cantrelle, 2B, Louisiana-Lafayette, 2018/2019 Falmouth Commodores
156-Atlanta Braves, Bryce Elder, RHP, Texas, 2019 Wareham Gatemen
157-Oakland Athletics, Stevie Emanuels, RHP, Washington, 2019 Brewster Whitecaps
160-Houston Astros, Shay Whitcomb, 2B, UC San Diego, 2019 Orleans Firebirds