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Cardinals to Host Child Identification Program

07/20/2001 11:48 AM

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For immediate release:  20 July, 2001
Orleans Cardinals to Host Child Identification Program 

ORLEANS -- In conjunction with the Massachusetts Freemasons, Mass. Crime Prevention Officers Association and Massachusetts Dental Society, the Orleans Cardinals will be hosting a Child Identification Program Tuesday, July 24 at Eldredge park during the team's scheduled home game versus the Falmouth Commodores.

     More commonly known as the CHIP Program, children who attend Tuesday night's game will have the opportunity to be videotaped, fingerprinted and tooth printed for their parents' permanent records. The programs is designed to help authorities more easily locate, identify and find missing children. Members of the Nauset Light Lodge, Freemasons of Massachusetts, are coordinating the program. For parents interested in logging their children's identities with the CHIP program, volunteers will be staged inside the Nauset Middle School cafeteria, adjacent to Eldredge Park through the course of Tuesday night's ballgame. The ballgame is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. All children 18 and under are eligible to be registered by the CHIP program and brochures will be available on the field during the course of the game.

     Parents retain all copies of all material collected during the registration program. CHIP volunteers do not retain any records of children. The records are kept by a child's parents to help the parent locate the child in the unfortunate event a child is missing.

     Dr. Herb Kinney, an Orleans dentist, is coordinating the event for the Cardinals. For further information, please contact Dr. Kinney at 508-255-7822.