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Cape Cod Baseball League Limited Edition License Plate

07/08/2002 3:16 PM

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Cape Cod Baseball League
Limited Edition License Plate

HARWICH --The CAPE COD BASEBALL LEAGUE is encouraging all fans to "Step Up to the Plate." The League has announced its pursuit of a special, limited edition, automobile license plate to be issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. A commitment from 3,000 individuals is needed in order to move forward with the approval process by the State Legislature.

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"Step Up to the Plate"

    The license plate is meant to honor baseball players of all ages, along with the fans who come each summer to watch the finest amateur baseball America has to offer. In 2001, one out of eight Major League Baseball players had graced the diamonds of Cape Cod as they honed their skills to make it to the Big Leagues.

    Nomar Garciaparra, Mo Vaughn, Lou Merloni, Jason Varitek, Todd Stottlemeyer, Ron Darling , Gary DiSarcina, Jeff Bagwell, Charles Nagy, Barry Zito, and John Valentin are among CCBL alumni.

    Fans living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will have the opportunity to be the first to have this unique license plate in their neighborhood. Proudly displaying this proposed plate will help preserve the tradition for the generations to follow, along with financial support to the a Cape Cod Baseball League.

    Information can be found by calling the CCBL Office at (508) 385-6260.