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A New Home Field Advantage For Brewster

05/30/2004 10:41 AM

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for immediate release: 30 May, 2004

A New Home Field Advantage For Brewster Whitecaps

BREWSTER, Mass. -- Due to the generosity of Brewster individuals and local companies, a 17-year vision has finally come to fruition for the Brewster Whitecaps.

      Construction has begun and is on going for the Whitecaps’ new field at Stony Brook Elementary School on Underpass Road in Brewster. “I know it’s always been a desire of mine and most other board members to have our own field, rather than be a guest in a competing town,” said Whitecaps President Hester Grue, “so hopefully that will soon be a memory.” The new field is being built completely by voluntary donations of money and services, especially by local businesses like CC Construction and many others. “That to me is a very satisfying aspect,” said Grue. 

     The wait for their own field has been a long one, but Grue believes it will be well worth it. “We’ve received an enormous number of donations, mostly in the $100 or less category from many local residents, but a fair number of sizeable ones as well, both locally and nationwide...but not to say it hasn’t been frustrating at times” said Grue. 

     The new field is under contract for the Whitecaps on a year-to-year lease agreement. “We could be shut down at any time,” said Grue. “Needless to say, we don’t expect that to happen. We plan to be very good tenants and neighbors, but the possibility is there.” Project coordinators Gene L’Etoile and Chester Robinson have noted that this project has increased local spirit and cooperation, and they hope that a field in the heart of Brewster will foster even more interest in the Whitecaps and the Cape Cod Baseball League. 

     When asked about the move from the Whitecaps’ current playing field to a location more central to Brewster, Grue noted that the old real estate adage “location, location, location” comes into play. “I think it’s been difficult, being the only franchise in the league that didn’t play in its hometown. Many of the townsfolk don’t know us and there is very little ownership of the team by the town as a whole. I think this project has helped some. Most people want us in town, especially the fans we already have. I think once we are physically located in Brewster, our fan base will grow to perhaps even double what it is now.” -- Britt Berry, 2004 CCBL Intern, [email protected]

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