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Register sports editor honored for Cape League series

10/26/2010 1:12 PM

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Register sports editor honored for Cape League series

     Don Sherlock, sports editor of The Register for nearly 10 years, has been honored by the New England Newspaper and Press Association for his series “What makes the Cape League tick?” 

Don Sherlock 2010  

     Sherlock received the prestigious Public Occurrences award recently at the annual publisher’s and awards ceremony. It was one of only six awards handed out to weekly newspapers in the category. Judges lauded Sherlock’s enlightening series and were impressed with the depth of coverage and writing.

     The series (Part IPart II and Part III) explored the inner workings of the Cape League, detailing the year-long process and the diligent efforts of volunteers that lead to each successful summer season. Beginning in November, 2009, Sherlock went behind the scenes, attending team and league monthly meetings to give readers a look at the planning and preparation that goes on in the dead of winter. His series chronicled meetings on blustery nights that drew committed volunteers; highlighted families that opened their homes to host the 300 players and coaches as well as local businesses that take on players who need to make money when they’re not on the field. 

     He profiled non-playing interns who perform a myriad of gofer jobs in hopes of getting a foot in the door of pro sports when they graduate from college and looked at the process of doling out contracts to the players as well as the “temporary” players hoping to catch a break and become permanent players; and finally looked at how the money gets raised to fund these teams.

     Prior to joining The Register, Sherlock was sports editor of The Record in Hackensack, N.J. for 16 years.