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Collection of All Stars Made Mariners Exciting To Watch

09/10/2010 9:23 AM

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HARWICH ---- The 2010 Harwich Mariners boasted an impressive roster, sending a Cape League-high seven players to the All-Star game at Fenway Park.

     Pitchers Braden Kapteyn (Kentucky), Matty Ott (LSU) and Adam Morgan (Alabama) all got nods, while position players Pratt Maynard (N.C. State), Levi Michael (North Carolina), Clint Moore (Army), and Ronnie Richardson (Central Florida) took to the field.

     “Any time you have that amount selected to an all-star squad, it is a great feeling,” field manager Steve Englert said. “Each was very deserving based on their performance. I was extremely happy for all because of their work ethic and character, and I am glad that they had the opportunity to experience that high-profile showcase in such a historical venue.”

     Moore, who scored 16 runs, with 27 hits, 17 RBI, a .270 average, and a 2.25 ERA in five appearances on the mound, was awarded the league’s Manny Robello 10th Player Award and also won Harwich’s 10th player award.

     Maynard led the Mariners in RBI (20) and topped the league in walks (32). A dominant factor in the offense, he was also an impact player behind the plate, controlling the flow of the game as a reassuring and confident catcher who started for the East Division All-Star team. His most exciting moment of the season was a July 13th walk-off grand slam against the Hyannis Harbor Hawks for a 4-3 win.

     After a rough beginning, the Mariners had a strong mid-season, climbing the standings and contending for a top spot in the division until shortly after the All-Star break.

     “We came together and started really playing well,” Englert said. “The winning streak and getting hot in July was huge. I think you have to catch fire down the stretch, but we peaked too soon. We started out 5-11, and upon finalizing our roster with our late arrivals and Team USA returnees, put a tremendous streak together, going 12-3 to get right back in the race.”

     Their impressive lineup was supplemented with a stellar pitching rotation, with local product Andrew Leenhouts (Northeastern) and the young Pierce Johnson (Missouri State) standing out. Johnson led in strikeouts with 41, while Leenhouts maintained a 2.02 ERA.

     “I feel our players made huge strides in their development and came away better players and teammates, which is what the league is all about,” Englert said.

     After securing the final playoff spot in the East, the Mariners were swept in the first round by No. 1-seeded Yarmouth-Dennis. They finished the regular season 22-21-1.